Monday, June 2, 2008

Sunday, May 4, 2008

After a very long time..

I have not been able to update this blog for a very long time because i have been too busy with work and hectic life.

I am in California now, been here for 2 weeks and will stay for another 2 weeks, and i'm missing Snow so badly. Decided to vist her blog (my blog?) and maybe i should spend few minutes updating it..

A little update about Snow. She is going to be 2 years old now! She has grown up a lot, lost all her baby fat, and now she is a lean, muscular and I would say, skinny dog. Her white fur has turned a little more brownish now. Of course, she is smarter and more obedient now. Her latest trick, she can squeeze in and out our front grill to let herself out of the house to the front porch.

CY also thought her some cute trick like jump and catch the rubber ball at mid-air. She's so good at it and sometimes she almost never missed. But..she will still refuse to return the ball to us and will want us to grab it out from her mouth while she made that grrrr.... sound. *grin*

Last month Snow attended Ariel's birthday party. Ariel is my cousin's dog. She is a beautiful female furkid with very nice brown and white shiny coat. Very obedient and gentle house dog, compared to Snow who tends to show some teeth every once in a while. Beanie the toy poodle was there too. Beanie is as always, small but pleasing to everyone. Dogs are so cute and they warm our hearts!

Oh, i got to go now..i will upload a photo..snow's latest red-sofa bed..

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Growing up days..

Growing up days are always full of fun...

Wait for owners to come home everyday...

Sleep on sofa and pillows..
Play in mud till i can't recognise myself..

Growing up days are just too fun!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Snow!

Snow turned ONE year old on August 25th !

She is now a grown up fur-kid..healthy, strong, muscular, intelligent, and well...a little over-weight.
We, the owners are partly to be blamed as we have not have had much time to spend to bring her to have some good run at the field. Occasionally, when CY is not so busy with his work, he will bring her out for a short walk around the neighbourhood after work.

Here's some latest photos of snow..

Snow loves flowers (to chew..)

Don't you think she is overweight? She can be mistaken as an Otter or beaver..

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Adopt a companion from SPCA today!

A colleague of mine just told me yesterday that his brother's dog, Casper was adopted from SPCA too. Just by looking at the picture, Casper looks like a very healthy and happy dog.

Why not adopt a dog and a lifetime companion from the nearest SPCA nearest to you today?
Get a life companion and give another furkid another chance of being in a loving home with you.

Or, you may want to consider being just a Foster Home for the pets.

Klang Valley Streets//Adopt-a-pet: Foster home option

18 May, 2007
SOMETIMES, as much as you want to, you are just not able to adopt a pet on a long-term basis. Or perhaps you are uncertain if you are ready to look after a pet, in addition to all your other responsibilities.

Or maybe you are unclear on what kind of dog (breed, type, energy level, age) would fit into your family and your lifestyle.

If you are one of those described above, the SPCA offers you another option: fostering a pet.

What this means is, you and your family offer a temporary home for a puppy, dog, kitten or cat, usually one that is young, orphaned or injured, and care for it on a short-term basis.

Once they are well, the SPCA will look for homes for them.

“SPCA has so many surrendered animals and it is almost impossible to look after all of them,” says Pris Hendricks, assistant PR and marketing officer at the SPCA. “And putting the frail down is not the long-term answer.”

If you still need convincing, here’s a shocking statistic that might change your mind: the SPCA receives approximately 1,000 canines and felines a month and due to the lack of space, 90 per cent are humanely put down!

“Foster homes are a much needed resource, and always welcome,” stresses Hendricks. “The more foster homes we have, the more lives we can save.”

Providing a temporary foster home for a dog or a cat gives the dog or cat a chance to rebuild his or her self-esteem and strength in the case of abused or injured pets.

It also gives you the opportunity to enjoy the company of the pet on a short-term basis or decide if this pet is suitable for your lifestyle.

So people, head down to the SPCA and foster a pet today. You provide the love and home; the dog or cat provides you with love, joy and the satisfaction of having saved a life.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Battle of the sexes - VS dogs

Someone sent me this links, and I thought some of them could be quite true ..

For all the men out there, do you think you are any better than dogs?
Read this :

Why dogs are better than men...

To be fair, to all the women out there, you are equally challenged as well, when it comes to dogs..
Read this:

Why dogs are better than women..
Snow and Me...

It's SNOW-ing Love, Hugs and Kisses!

A note for Snow:
Dear Snow,

So glad to have you in my life!

I find great relief from my recent stressful life with just the simple gestures by Snow.
After a long day from work, I come home to see a little white cute furkid wagging her tail zealously.

When I fall asleep on the sofa out of exhaustion, there it comes, a little *kiss* on my face. Actually it is more like a lick full of saliva...dogs love you unconditionally. They always love you even when you have forgotten to feed them on time. They never judge you. They never criticise you that you are not good enough. They always understand you..or they always seemed to understand. And they never run out of love for you. For me, with Snow around, I never run out of her comforting hugs, love and kisses..even the foul smelling breath of hers does not bothers me...

dogs never remember to brush their teeth in the morning, but they always remember to lick you feet in the morning to wake you up, and they always remember to give you that morning kiss..full of saliva..again..

I guess throughout these few stressful days, Snow really made me feel alive. She has surprisingly grown very fast, from a little puppy that we adopted from the homeless dog shelter few months ago, she is now, a fully grown furkid. She has great shiny soft white hair despite not being a purebreed dog. She always put on a pleasant look on her face. I could almost see a smile!

Here's a photo of me and Snow that I found on the website. Can you spot me and Snow in the background??

Monday, April 30, 2007

From Santa Clara with Love..

I am back from a short trip to Santa Clara, and guess who greeted me at the KLIA airport? Angela, CY and Snow!! It was just too bad that dogs are never allowed into any of the buildings in Malaysia, even on leash. If not, Snow would have greeted me at the arrival hall.. but it was good enough for me, seeing Snow inside the car at the airport car park.

Two weeks away from home, and CY had lots to report to me about Snow..The first morning when I was away, she waited for me in front of upstairs bathroom. She always do that every morning when I am around, and she still did that when I am away. Dogs are always loyal..

David gave us a visit when I was away. Everyone seemed to notice that Snow is a much healthier dog now. And she is also much more attached to us. If you are sitting at the sofa, she will jump up and sit next to you. Angela also commented that Snow has been going upstairs to look for her in her room. Lying next to her (on the bed!) while she does her work with her laptop..

and now, at 5.05am of 1st May (labour day)..I guess I am still adapting to jet lag and have been awake since 4.00am. And Snow is always here with me..staring at me while i am typing this..
I know she wants to go for a walk's too dark dear..i will bring you out and when the Sun comes out!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Okairinasai Snow!!

Snow is back at home!

After spending exactly 8 nights in Medivet center, Snow is finally discharged and is allowed to be brought back to our home. She was obviously ecstatic to be back on her favourite backseat of the sentra. Rubbing herself all around, sniffing and shedding as much hair as she could on the leather seat..And she is back to her own self, barking at all the motorcyclist that passed by as we drove along the Federal Highway..

But I guess the happiest of all would be me myself. The entire incident that took place over the last week made me realised of how much I have taken for granted of so many things around me. Snow, being even just a dog, had so much impact in my life. When she was not around, I missed everything that I used to complain about when she was around up after her chew her water bowl....I even missed vacuuming the floor because there were no more white fur of hers to be cleaned after. The sofa, seemed too tidy with the pillows in all the right places. With Snow around, she would have some pillows on the floor and some would be displaced to her preference..and there were always hidden toys or chewy bones behind those pillows..her safekeeping places..

So much of being sentimental! Snow is back home now and CY and I have made a promise that we will leave no margin for mistakes this time. She will be under constant supervision until she is fully recovered. We will block our staircase so that she won't do anymore stunts of sliding down the staircases. The windows would always be more mistakes more carelessness..

Here are more photos of Snow...

So Glad to Have you Home!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Snow's 5th Day @ Medivet

We braved the heavy traffic from Kelana Jaya to Bukit Bintang to visit Snow after work this evening. And it was all worthwhile..Snow was obviously excited when she saw both of us. Her head was knocking against the cage, her otter tail wagging real was great as we were allowed to bring her out for a short walk in front of the hospital's lobby.

Snow's update: She definitely looks much healthier today. Cheerful and she somehow smelled really good. They must have cleaned her up too. Unlike Sunday when I thought she looked much thinner, today she seemed normal to me. Not fat, just nice..just the same way she used to be when she was back in USJ..

We can't wait to welcome her home this Friday. Dr.Sathi said that the stitch would be removed on Friday morning and we can bring her home on Friday night. I can't wait for the weekend..

Our home has been rather quiet without Snow running around, jumping on the sofa, etc..
And we dearly missed the little white furkid who will lick my feet every morning to wake me up..

Can't wait to have you home, Snow..